Cake – “Jolene” mp3

Cake – “Jolene” mp3

Whenever I think of Cake now, I remember this quote from my landlocked buddy, Trans Am:

Amazing that a band like Cake could come from Sacramento. Not that there’s anything wrong with Sac, other than it’s a barren land of government sleaze, oppressive heatwaves, and xanax yuppie despair. Hey, I can say that, I’m from Fresno!

Hehe.. well let me try a reverse approach: ANY city that can birth a band like Cake can’t be ALL bad! Even if the guvernator is there and all, and they can’t pass a budget and they’re closing the parks and schools and letting the rich run amok and steal everything and hide in private country clubs without paying a dime and basically letting the state go to sh!t, but NONE OF THAT IS CAKE’S FAULT!!

“Jolene” (mp3)
from “Motorcade of Generosity”
(Upbeat Records)

Need more!

Jolene is a wonderful and funny song. This album is full of wonderful and funny songs. Buy it before Ah-nold shuts down teh Internets.