Graham Lindsey’s light amid the darkness

Graham Lindsey – “Tomorrow is Another Night”

With a voice that reminds favorably of Steve Earle and Bob Dylan, Wisconsin’s Graham Lindsey has an arresting way with words and a painfully clear gaze on the human condition. His minimal, elegant accompaniment seems to draw as much from European folk musics as it does from more distinctly American forms. This song grows with repeated listens – on first pass I was moved, by the third time I was convinced this is major. What a magnificent, smart, and poetic lyric. I get angry when I discover artists like this, who deserve a lot more exposure than they are likely to get during this age of corporate ersatz musik. But b4 I get on that soapbox again, let me just say: TWO MONTHS TO GO! I have posted a song a day for all of 2009, and I am proud to share and shout about each and every one of them. Give this mp3 a spin, and if you like it as much as I think you will, do yourself a favor and pick up the perfectly titled album – “We Are All Alone in This Together” on SPACEBAR Recordings. I bought it after posting another Lindsey gem called “Old Roger” back in August. A gr8 record from an artist who merits our support. Thanks, getting off soapbox now! Love, SuperFan

Graham Lindsey
“Tomorrow is Another Night” (mp3)
from “We Are All Alone in This Together”
(SPACEBAR Recordings)

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