Grady’s “Boots Or Hearts” falls apart gloriously

Grady -“Boots Or Hearts”

“Like boots or hearts, when they start, they really fall apart,” sings Grady. Excellent lyric. Add grit-swallowing, gut-churning, soul-vomiting guitar work, and some damned to sh!t wicked sexadelic southern rawk vocals, and, well, I’m diggin’ it. I think you will too. Tha’s wha’m here fer! Enjoy with Jack and Coke or similar. As eclectic Texas music vet Gordie ‘Grady’ Johnson Gordie Johnson puts it, “This record really is the byproduct of the musical environment we live in. Cowboys, metalheads, rednecks and punk rockers all congregate around us. Someone actually described us as ‘shredneck’ which of course brought gales of laughter.” Makes sense when you hear it. This track is killer. That’s all.

“Boots Or Hearts” (mp3)
from “Good As Dead”
(C12 Records)

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