“Gordie Can’t Swim” but The Junipers

The Junipers – “Gordie Can’t Swim”

Aaaaah, sweet Beatle-esque dreamy dream pop like lemonade on a fine spring day 🙂  This is the sort of music that makes me use smileys, and reminds of childhood afternoons on swing sets and barefoot squishy lawns with daisies. Thank you Junipers for putting something kind and soft into the scary world.

The Junipers
“Gordie Can’t Swim” (mp3)
from “Gordie Can’t Swim”
(San Remo Records)

Need more!

The only thing I don’t get is why people put “Radio Edit” in the title tag of song in 2009. I mean, what radio? This is radio, you’re on it, this is it. The music blogosphere has replaced radio for music discovery, hello? Because, we music bloggers truly love music, while commercial radio doesn’t care and has no soul and can bite me. K? Glad we got that sorted.