Goin’ Deep In The Urban Jungle w/ Blackalicious and Lyrics Born

Among the many GR8 things hip-hop did, is it gave poetry back to the youth. In life before hip-hop, poetry was either perceived as a beat poet trip, or like, some kind of florid European highbrow affair. Now kids play with words, and they own it. They have a venue to develop and enjoy their language skills  and find their own voices. There are few things cooler than that. Yet I still hear people say once in a while, they don’t like hip-hop. If those words have passed your lips, lemme ‘splain: I’m not mad atcha – but you have either been listening to the wrong sh!t, or as I said recently, you’ve just been listening wrong. I’m not talkin’ about no mainstream radio auto-tuned B$ I’m talkin’ about hip-hop. Here’s a gem from the vaults that says it better than I can. Blackalicious, folks, this track featuring an early, career-launching appearance by Lyrics Born. Check it.

“Deep In The Jungle” (download mp3)
from “SoleSides Greatest Bumps”
(Quannum Projects)
“Deep In The Jungle” (play)
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