GG Allin on the Outskirts of Life

GG Allin – “Outskirts of Life”

Occasionally we’ll hear someone refer to an artist or work of art as “sick and wrong,” but seldom do we encounter a vendor of filth so deserving of that distinction as one GG Allin, rest his deranged soul. Named “Jesus Christ” by his abusive, insane father, legend has it the name “GG” came about because his brother couldn’t pronounce “Jesus Christ” and it sort of came out “jeejee” and it stuck. Enough has been said about Allin’s shocking antics. What is not as notorious is the fact that he actually created some good songs along the way. Here’s an anthem of sorts, of a man living on the “Outskirts of Life” and you can be sure he lived every word of. Don’t try this at home, kids. He did it so you don’t have to.

GG Allin
“Outskirts of Life” (mp3)
from “Carnival Of Excess”
(PONK Media)

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