Gettin’ It Started with The Midwest Beat

The Midwest Beat – “Get It Started” mp3

First of all I LOVE that a band would have the cheek to call themselves The Midwest Beat. I mean, why not? Ya got your Mersey Beat, your English Beat, so why not a Midwest Beat? Like a young American version of Elvis Costello and the Attractions (work with me, people!) playing a high school prom somewhere in Wisconsin and dreaming of one day getting to New York or LA to become rock stars, this is The Midwest Beat. And they are all the rage here at Superfan2010 today. “Get It Started” was recorded live in a church, it rocks hard, the midwest rocks, rock ‘n roll rocks 4evar, and you do too. Bye now.

The Midwest Beat
“Get It Started” (mp3)
from “At the Gates”
(Dusty Medical Records)

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