Fucked Up thrives on “Baiting the Public”

Fucked Up – “Baiting the Public” mp3

If you’re more concerned with blowing hardcore fans’ minds and having fun than you are in pursuing any conventional commercial appeal, one thing you might do is name your band Fucked Up. This marauding gang of punkers from Ontario, Canada gained some serious momentum last year, and at this point nothing but stopping will prevent them from reaching a jubilant world wide audience. Mainstream piffle this is not. Their sound is redonkulously loud and powerful.  Exceedingly pissed vocals, and superbly creative guitar bass and drum work, all add up to some devastating and entertaining punk rawk, with a gr8 sense of musical adventure. On the Jade Tree label. Enjoy, public.

Fucked Up
“Baiting the Public” (mp3)
from “Hidden World”
(Jade Tree)

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