From Ukraine with Traffic, Forever

Mad Heads XL – “Probky (Traffic Jams)”

Young Ukrainian rockers Mad Heads XL have it all on their new CD. Songwriting and arranging skills, hooks coming out the derriere and kick ass straight up power pop production. I confess I don’t understand a word of it. But so what! Music is the universal language and I’m down with this. Clearly influenced by a lot of 70s and 80s western groups from the Police to the Cars, as well as two-tone and third wave ska, this nonetheless stands on its own as killer original work. I have to add, that the fact that commercial radio would never play this is proof (as if proof were needed) that corporate radio sucks elephant balls.

Mad Heads XL
“Probky (Traffic Jams)” (mp3)
from “Forever”
(Comp Music Ltd)

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