For.The.Win and Asian Man invade the Interwebs

For.The.Win – “Another Day”

New to the ever growing stable of brilliant labels in the IODA camp is Asian Man Records, the indie pop punk ska and whatnot imprint founded by Skankin’ Pickle’s Mike Park. Typical of their signings is For.The.Win out of the label’s own backyard, San Jose, California. Musically belligerent and lyrically hopeful, at once idealistic and ferocious, this is punk rock by people who never got the memos that said “punk is dead” or “punk is mainstream now” or “punk ended when Green Day got big.” As with the blues, rock n’ roll, or any other genre, the heart of punk beats strong as long as there are bands and fans who believe it. Download and punk out.

For the Win
“Another Day” (mp3)
from “The Black & the Blue”
(Asian Man Records)

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