For Jennie

Devotchka – “Too Tired (play/download)

Life isn’t for everyone. Some people escape life through a bottle, or a pipe, or a needle. Jennie decided to escape by taking her own life. Jennie was just too good of a person to deal with how unfair life is. She couldn’t live in a world where some babies are born from 15 year-old mothers on crack, but one mile away a child is born with their grad-school tuition already in the bank. She was kind to everything in her life. She was the friend who would gladly take you to the airport at 4 AM. If it was your birthday Jennie would bake you a 3-level jungle-scene cake. When Jennie died she was my best friend. But she use to be my girlfriend. When we broke up I gave her this Devotchka song. She told me, “Intense! I listened to it 4 times in a row.” Now I give it to you because it poetically and beautifully sums up why Jennie was meant for something better then this world.