Final Prayer’s Final Hour Is Just The Beginning

From the seething cauldron of culture and politics that is Berlin, comes one blistering hardcore metal band called Final Prayer. The single “Final Hour” flies completely off the chain. Ferocious grinding total metal mayhem. According to their blurby on IODA Promonet, Final Prayer’s music is “inspired by life in Berlin — a city that has inspired all forms of political opposition ranging from the early workers movement to anti-fascist resistance to student uprisings in the 1970s and todays attempts to reclaim the city from becoming another boring, fully commercialized hipster town.” Well now. That’s something to rage about. These guys tour all over Europe and rock very hard with cookie monster.

Final Prayer
“Final Hour” (download mp3)
from “Berlin”
“Final Hour” (play)
(Acuity Music)
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