Farmer Dave Scher’s Peculiar Ray Of Sunshine

Farmer Dave Scher – “Bab’lone Nights” mp3

Don’t we all wish we could “Flash Forward to the Good Times” as the title of this album proposes? Farmer Dave Scher, uploading his crop to the Intercosmos from that unique space alien outpost of Venice, California, has a positive and somewhat comical take on reality that I must say I rather prefer to reality proper. A veteran of Beachwoods Sparks and All Night Radio, pedal steel master, producer, singer-songwriter and sideman to the likes of Interpol and Elvis Costello, this is one busy and prolific musical farmer. “Bab’lone Nights” is a delightful romp through mishap and mayhem, skipping along in carefree defiance with hooks and fun to spare. There’s even a drum solo of sorts, which works as a bridge, like, well, like nobody ever does anymore. Gorgeous, original work, with deep roots and a playful heart.

Farmer Dave Scher
“Bab’lone Nights” (mp3)
from “Flash Forward to the Good Times”

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