Eskimobot’s “All Around Town” is a Str8 up HIT~!

Eskimobot – “All Around Town”

With a criminally catchy chorus, delirious electro pop dance tracks, and ecstatic, unspeakably cool vocals, this gem from Eskimobot made my day. Blatantly, shamelessly pop though it is, “All Around Town” is nonetheless a subtle triumph. A shimmering soliloquy that succeeds so well in putting a listener in the storyteller’s shoes, it’s almost eerie. I’ve played it about 10 times now, as I try and figure out how to say exactly how much I love it without gushing. Oops! 2 L8!  Enjoy, this is a smash.

“All Around Town” (mp3)
from “Lullabies for Insomniacs”
(Sanguine Recordings)

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