Dub Nomads “Dub One Out” in Brooklyn

Dub Nomads – “Dub One Out”

I dub out on Sundays often. Well I dub out whenever possible, but Sunday’s Dubday, Charley Brown, especially. The Dub Nomads come from the jazzy modern side of dub here on “Dub One Out” from their “Brooklyn Sessions” album. Warm, lazy chord voicings on softly distorted analog keyboard sounds slither behind a lead muted horn that wails out with the requisite seething and expanding tape delay that we love in our dubby dub dub. Sublime, soothing, and musically deep, like any self respecting track in this lovely genre should be.

Dub Nomads
“Dub One Out” (mp3)
from “Brooklyn Sessions”
(Concent Productions, Inc.)

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