Dub Gabriel Tactile Evasion Tactics vs. Liquid Stranger

Dub Gabriel – “Tactile Evasion Liquid Stranger Remix” mp3

Seri0u$ly, what I L0v3 teh MO$T about this kind of music other than that it makes me wr!t3 liKe @ 12 yr old txting in clAsS is the SOUNDS! K, I’m all lovin’ the riddims here and the fresh vocal bites, but it’s the AUDIO quality of the digital madscape that I find sooooo invigorating. It’s not for everyone, I know. I have some friends who climb the walls when I play stuff like this. Barbarians. This is future dub in a big, HUGE PHAT WAY!! Whut u c iz whut u get. Go deh.

Dub Gabriel

“Tactile Evasion (Liquid Stranger Remix)” (mp3)

from “Restless Youth”

(Destroy All Concepts)

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