Esteemed Dodo renders “Kashmir Yam Boys”

Dodo – “Kashmir Yam Boys” mp3

Most chillaxin’ boogie-maxin’ waxin’ dubmatic on the super elastic bubble plastic. Whut? Yes, kittins, here we find an instrumental joint from London’s own Dodo, and it is fresh-tarded. Tabla-esque drummie patterns carry wind and string synthy tones on a wander through the middle and far east. Sounds rather like Asian Dub Foundation ate pot cookies with Jan Hammer and couldn’t stop giggling. Props to Subverse for the tip, I wouldna evar found this w/o his ever valiant digital vigilance. Another musical gift from the gr8 Interwhatnot, for your enjoyment, because we can. Byeee

“Kashmir Yam Boys” (mp3)
from “Voodoo Bazaar”
(Freshly Squeezed Music)

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