Django Reinhardt et le Hot club de France

Django Reinhardt  – “Intro”

Ah, the unmistakable strains of jazz guitar genius, Django Reinhardt. The story of this legendary player’s life is as remarkable as his output – the wiki entry is a good read – but to really understand the man, you have to listen to his music. The group he ran with violinist Stéphane Grappelli, Quintette du Hot Club de France, had a seismic influence on the evolution of jazz. That one of the key innovators of the quintessentially American musical form would happen to be a Gypsy from Belgium, just speaks to the nature of music as universal language. Listen to this cut, and if it moves you, do yourself a favor and pick up the rest of the record. The positivity and playful curiosity of these recordings cuts right through the decades, and it’s hard to imagine post war music in any popular genre, absent this GR8 body of work.

Django Reinhardt et le Hot club de France
“Intro” (mp3)
from “Echos de France”

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