DJ Vadim, the Coltrane of beats?

No other producer over the last 15 years has hit on all levels like Dj Vadim. No other producer over the 5 years has made a bigger impact on the bass-music scene then Bassnectar. And ill. Gates is currently building up a catalogue that’s building on Vadim and Bassnectar’s visceral sonic output. With players like these in the game the evolution of bass music feels unstoppable. Basslines move and slap your body into a frenzied motion. Before you know it your sweaty, your neck is soar from bobbing your head, and there is a huge grin across your face.

DJ Vadim “Maximum (feat. La Methode) [Bassnectar Ill Gates remix} (play/download)

Check out Vadim’s official website for all things beat related.

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