Disguised As Birds Wipe Black Circles From Their Eyes To Rock Another Day

People start rock bands. They start them, and they practice, and write songs, and rock out. They do this for fun, and whatever else motivates them – generally the hope of applause and fame and money and great boatloads of sex. Why not? Disguised As Birds are an indie rock band, caterwauling their message over crashing iron waterfalls of guitars, bass and drums. They’re from Milwaukee, WI. They make a lot of beer in Milwaukee, too. Which is convenient, because so much rock and roll is made by young men ingesting vats of the stuff. The beat goes on. “Black Circles” is the title track from this new EP, just out on Phratry Records. I loves it, yes I do.

Disguised As Birds
“Black Circles” (download mp3)
from “Black Circles – EP”
“Black Circles” (play)
(Phratry Records)