Dirty electro banger!

It’s no secret that the fine folks in Belgium know how to party. Maybe it’s all those liberal drug laws. Or maybe they are all healthy, happy, and educated from all that socialized government. Whatever the reason, Belgium party-ers come out in the thousands hungry for sweaty-dance-floor episodes — nightly. In steps the DJ/production team of Hermanos Inglesos. These two brothers know how to feed these fiendish clubbers who come out expecting nothing less then to be slapped around with dirty basslines, crunchy tech-drums and freakish 808s. 10 seconds into “Mastermind” and you will feel what it’s like to dance amongst them.

Hermanos Inglesos
“Mastermind” (download mp3)
from “Mastermind EP”
(Fine Day Records)
Mastermind (play)
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