Dirt Nasty – “Droppin’ Names” (mp3)

Here’s the dirt on Dirt Nasty: He’s an x-MTV VJ who was canned because MTV found out his first “acting” job were solo-hardcore-porn scenes. He acted in some random improv troupe that no one’s ever heard of. So Rex Simon said fuck being an actor, I’d rather be a rapper. “Droppin’ Names” is Dirt Nasty’s golden shower to Hollywood. Because his latest incarnation is nothing more than a joke, but then just as good as all the rappers you hear on radio so he sounds completely legit.

Dirt Nasty
“Droppin’ Names” (download mp3)
from “Dirt Nasty”
(Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.)
Dirt Nasty – “Droppin’ Names” (play)

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