Dios – “Stare At Wheel” (mp3)

Dios – “Stare At Wheel” (play)

Los Angeles art rockers Dios offer some convincing reasons for fans to buy their music directly from them so “some suit that doesn’t give a f!ck about music or art doesn’t get to take his cut.” And if not satisfied with their value-packed audio and artwork bundles, you can, for a mere $5,000, hire the whole band to hang out with you in Vegas, Disneyland, their local bars and sleep over at their mom’s house for a weekend! Now, I’d never bother to tell you any of this, except their record just happens to be seriously brilliant. The single they are generously sharing for free, “Stare At Wheel,” sounds like the Cramps had an acid trip with the Beatles and both Brians – Jones and Wilson! – at Wolfmother’s house and recorded the event. A gorgeous and mysterious song, expertly and lovingly realized. Check it out.

“Stare At Wheel” (mp3)
from “We Are Dios”
(Buddyhead Records)

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