Dengue Fever spreads far and wide

Dengue Fever – “Sober Driver” mp3

Last year I wrote a post about Dengue Fever‘s revival and revision of early Cambodian rock n’ roll. Initial reaction for most of us is, “Early Cambodian rock n’ roll?” Why yes, Dorothy. The story, now widely covered, has reached every corner of the globe, and the band, signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records has graduated from musicologist’s curiosity to legitimate international success. They sell out shows everywhere and they’ve stretched out into new directions, expanding their Khmer / English crossover to disco, dancehall, and any other form they care to play with. This late night duet between a drunken lass and her sober, fed up BF, “Sober Driver,” is a tightly rehearsed, softly swaggering, and truly international music potion. Drink up.

Dengue Fever
“Sober Driver” (mp3)
from “Venus on Earth”

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