Dengue Fever Marches Through the Mekong

Dengue Fever – “March of the Balloon Animals”

Dengue Fever’s soundtrack record for the new documentary Sleepwalking Through the Mekong features music they created on a recent tour of Cambodia, backing singer Chhom Nimolon.  Cambodia in the ’60s and ’70s, before the disastrous Khmer Rouge regime, enjoyed a reinvented rock n’ roll style with distinctly Khmer influences, generating a sound that was unique and powerful in its own right. Silenced but not forgotten during the terrible events of the late 70’s, this brilliant music is now being rediscovered and revitalized by new generations. I picked up the soundtrack – a bestseller already on IODA – and I look forward to the movie.

Dengue Fever
“March of the Balloon Animals” (mp3)
from “Dengue Fever Presents: Sleepwalking Through the Mekong”

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