Dark Meat’s psychedelic love fest

Dark Meat – “The Faint Smell of Moss”

Song titles say a lot. Band names, too. So, if I find a song called “The Faint Smell of Moss” by a band called Dark Meat off an album called “Truce Opium,” I will immediately download it with a certain glee, hoping it lives up to those lovely words! And I wouldn’t waste your time, dears, if it didn’t. But indeed, a fertile scent of nature is invoked, a soothing narcotic bliss induced, through a sexy rhythm faithfully rendered by a band of real live psychedelic noir road animals from Athens, Georgia. It pleases me that such a band as this exists in 2009, sounding as they do, like an early Jefferson Airplane went off its scheduled course, arrived in the Himalayas with flowers in hair and bells on feet and had an orgy. Reverb-y guitars and glorious male-female vocal harmonies are carried aloft by superb rock drumming, an old school “invisible” bass player (one of my favorite kinds) and – stop the presses! – a lead melody played on that most misunderstood and maligned of wind instruments, the Recorder. These people are crazy. Genius work.

Dark Meat
“The Faint Smell of Moss” (mp3)
from “Truce Opium”
(Emergency Umbrella)

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