Dakota/Dakota – “Hamburger Help Us” (mp3)

Dakota/Dakota – “Hamburger Help Us” (play)

Houston, we have a hamburger. I mean.. problem, we have a helper. Er.. what we have here is some bent outta shape wild and wacky prog rock with attitude. More Primus than Genesis, more Robert Fripp than Brian Eno. Enough to drive even the most dedicated Rush fan to the bins to study Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Many are the bongloaded afternoons your geek’d up friends spent listening to LP’s with HR Geiger-painted covers whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons. You did too. Admit it. Dakota/Dakota takes a shot in the dark. “Hamburger Help Us,” they beseech. But there is no help. Only frantic odd time signatures and meticulously rehearsed math rock tempo shifts. It pleases me.

“Hamburger Help Us” (mp3)
from “Shoot in the Dark +”
(Forge Again Records)

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