Crest Creepaz & Thizz Kidz featured on Dre Area

Crest Creepaz, Thizz Kidz – “Dumb”

According to this Superfan’s own number one fan in B-Town, Le Mucster Dubster, Mac Dre’s “Dre Area” comp represents some of the Bay Areas finest hip hop talent. Who am I to doubt him? Based on Muc’s recommendation and this mp3 of superior driving music, I’m going to pick up the whole album. Crest Creepaz and Thizz Kidz “Dumb” is hella fun! Keep it dumb, dumb..

Crest Creepaz, Thizz Kidz
“Dumb” (mp3)
from “The Dre Area”
(Thizz Nation)

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