Cookbook & Uno Mas cook “The Petty”

It’s an endless source of material for rappers, to expound on the weakness of their competition. It’s been a staple of hip-hop almost from the beginning, and shows no sign of letting up. It’s fun, really, I mean there’s no limit to the ways one can express the superiority of one’s own skillz and crew, and it can be entertaining. Here’s a solid track of boasting, complete with that pitched down “skrewed” male vocal, some gr8 samples and production, plenty of clever lines, and a nice hooky female vocal chorus. It’s a genre within the genre, and a way to show love for the form, more than anything else. Step up to da mic, you gotta be up on game, yo! Bust it.

CookBook, UNO Mas
“The Petty (feat. Scarub, King Charizmatic)” (mp3)
from “C&U Music Factory”
(AudioSketchBook / End Of Earth Records)
The Petty (feat. Scarub, King Charizmatic) (play)

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