Come Back To Me, Sara Jackson-Holman!

I confess that “jazz pop” is a combination of words that will normally make me run screaming into the night. However I am enamored of Sara Jackson-Holman’s sincere and plaintive “Come Back to Me” single. Fans of Norah Jones, Adele and Feist will love this, and the rest of you should not be frightened. Jackson-Holman has a delicious voice, and her piano accompaniment is humorous and smart. Evocative lyrics are delivered with tasteful, perfectly executed doubles and harmonies in just the right places. The composition and arrangement are lovely, and I’m won over. I think you’ll enjoy too.

Sara Jackson-Holman
“Come Back to Me” (download mp3)
from “When You Dream”
(Expunged Records)
“Come Back to Me” (play)
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