Cobra Skulls Pop el Punk en English y Español

Cobra Skulls – “Thicker Than Water” mp3

Cobra Skulls “Thicker Than Water” is a gr8 two minute punk pop outburst about the downside of falling for a rich girl, again. This Reno NV trio is on the Vans Warped Tour this summer – I found this mp3 on the iTunes Warped 2010 10 Song Sampler. Sung in Spanish and English, it has a combo of ferocity and fun reminiscent of early Green Day and Rancid records. The lyrics are a hilarious warning to you romantic punk rawk boiz, and the performance is killer. From their “American Rubicon” CD. Pickit up!

Cobra Skulls
“Thicker Than Water” (mp3)
from “American Rubicon”
(Red Scare)

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