The Coal Men Mine the Country for Rock

The Coal Men – “Nightingale”

For Dave Coleman, recording music is about capturing a moment when it happens, rather than creating the impression that a moment happened with the endless menu of studio tricks available these days. With that philosophy, his band The Coal Men made their album Kids With Songs on an old 16 track analog reel to reel tape machine, mostly live in the studio, and the result is lovely. In a Stones, Replacements and Elvis Costello ballpark, but with a distinctly Nashville slickness and southern twang, this is an old school record that more than holds its own in the new school world. Fans of the Jayhawks, Wilco, and the Old ’97’s are gonna love this.

The Coal Men
“Nightingale” (mp3)
from “Kids With Songs”
(Funzalo Records)

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