MKK2ten – Classics

Eric Red Schwartz – “Who Da Bitch Now?”

What a delight. A hard edge novelty song about the silent blue wall.

Eric Red Schwartz – “Who Da Bitch Now?” (play/download)

Count Slowly and the 4 Twenties – “R.A.D.I.O.”

This week’s winner is a “Retro-Frat-Rocker” waxing poetic about the joys of radio. This song, “R.A.D.I.O” from true-rock survivors, Count Slowly and the 4 Twenties, captures that bye gone innocent era when radio was the hippest entertainment device in the western world. Check it out, Count Slowly is truly a giant in recorded music.
from “MP3 Jackpot Winners”
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Count Slowly and the 4 Twenties – “R.A.D.I.O.” (play/download mp3)
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Stiff Richards, “My Friend Josh”

Everybody’s got a friend like Josh. And here’s a song about him. You’ve got to appreciate the heartfelt emotion of this catchy-pop song.

Stiff Richards, “My Friend Josh” (play/download mp3)

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The Strokes – “Juicebox”

Too good to be true? The Strokes have chosen to give this MP3 away to allow everyone to know just how good they are. I downloaded and learned I love this band!

Juicebox (play/download mp3)

Less Than Jake – “Look What Happened”

Pop ska from a rocking band. This song is fun.

Less Than Jake – “Look What Happened

Sex 4 Moderns – “Penetrating Love Ray”

Let’s end 2010 with some unbelievable guitar work from Sex 4 Moderns. You can just feel that “Penetrating Love Ray” from this week’s MP3 Jackpot winner.
Sex 4 Moderns
“Penetrating Love Ray” (download mp3)
from “Sex 4 Moderns”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
“Penetrating Love Ray” (play)

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Ed Haynes – “Talking Cat Blues”

Ed Haynes is the master of the poignant song. This is the only song I’ve ever heard about cat beating. You can’t help but be appalled by the confessions of this tortured soul. Give this song a listen to the end if you want the full dose of Ed’s humor.

Ed Haynes – “Talking Cat Blues (play/download)