Music2ten Classics

5 days a week for every week in 2010 we cataloged the best songs posted in our blog network. We made this list of 10 of our best selections because we know 375 songs are a lot to consume all at once.

How happy can one Superfan be? Did I just find Chuck Berry’s hits “Maybellene,” “Memphis” and more, on a new comp, available as legal DRM-free mp3? And they had the generosity and sense to make “Johnny B. Goode” a free promo track? Catch me! I give you, ladies and gents, one of the greatest singles of all time, by the man who probably more than anyone else deserves credit for inventing rock and roll. This sounds as joyous and powerful now as it did in 1958. What an amazing song, cut live in the studio (that’s the only way technology allowed back then!) with guitar, upright piano, drums and bass, and Chuck Berry wailing out over the top.

Chuck Berry
“Johnny B. Goode” (download mp3)
from “The Essential Collection”
(Spectra Records)
Johnny B. Goode (play)

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Don’t worry, your system hasn’t gone haywire. That’s just how the track starts. Truly digital audio art from Gold Panda. Hey, we like pandas. And we like gold. We like gold pandas. This is some post post post modern post shit. I likes it.

Gold Panda
“Snow & Taxis” (download mp3)
from “Snow & Taxis”
(Ghostly International)
Snow & Taxis (play)

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I discovered the Jive Turkeys last year and I am delighted to post another dose of their fine funky medicine here today. Pure instrumental 70’s funk worship from a band that can really cook. The Jive Turkeys outta Cincinnati O-Hi-Yo, ladeez and gents, doin’ “The Funky Turkey,” from their hot-off-the-griddle “Bread & Butter” platter. Gobble gobble it up.

The Jive Turkeys
“The Funky Turkey” (download mp3)
from “Bread & Butter”
(Colemine Records)
The Funky Turkey (play)

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Hella ‘lectro club madness outta Sydney, Australia. Take a hooky bass line and beat, add some strangely satisfying dubby sounds, blend with fresh contemporary production, and the result is a tasty medicine. Music for staying up late and long into the morning.

Monk Fly
“Bulleting” (download mp3)
from “Fictitious 7 – No. 2”
(The Frequency Lab)
Bulleting (play)

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Yes, that’s right the great Bob Marley and the Wailers hit, remixed specially for your next party! What a GR8 why to keep Bob’s music alive!

Bob Marley & The Wailers
“Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Roots, Rock, Remixed”
(rockr / Quango / Tuff Gong)
Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix) (play)

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When Zion I released their first full-length album, Mind Over Matter In 2000, hip-hop was still in the middle of its creative and cultural dominance of popular music. 10 years later Zion I has continued to release music and perform, leaving this humble Oakland group as the creative and cultural springboard of hip-hop. “Turn it Up” is another Zion I production with originality and attitude that shows why MC Zion and Amp Live Amp are making music that’s 3 steps ahead of the rest.

Zion I – “Turn It Up (play/download)

Get more free music and some knowledge over at the Zion I crew website.

When MP3 was still a new word, reviled by some and embraced by others, I surfed the Internets with fiendish glee to see what cool music I could find from artists who wanted to share their some of their work for free in this exciting new way. After wading through considerable muck, Love Is Laughter‘s “I’m A Bee” was one of the first keepers I found. Thousands of mp3s later, I still like it. It fooking rocks, is all. I love the raging vocal and seething Northwest guitars. Love As Laughter’s music is available from Sub Pop, Glacial Pace Recordings, and K Records. That is all.

Love As Laughter – “I’m A Bee (play/download)

A funny thing happened to the Alkaline Trio on the way to being one in a bazillion obscure pop punk bands in the wastelands of the post-music business. They got famous. Through relentless touring and real fan appreciation and good songs and energetic live shows, by gosh, they’re gettin’ big the old way, and it’s a beautiful thing. On every stop at this summer’s Warped Tour, Alkaline Trio is one of the more eagerly anticipated acts. Here’s an early cut from their 2002 split with Hot Water Music. It rocks. To hear what they sound like now, after a decade of seasoning, check out their myspace and DL the iTunes 10 Song Warped Sampler. These guys are gr8.

Alkaline Trio
“Queen Of Pain” (download mp3)
from “Split”
(Jade Tree)
Queen Of Pain (play)

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My new summer anthem has arrived. Stuffed full of sexy, irreverent lyrics, tumbling gleefully over a driving beat, “Our Summer” from Dragonette’s “Our Summer Volcano” is perfectly titled and realized from start to finish. I love those bells. And honestly, it’s how this summer has been going for this Superfan. It just gets better better. This is pop music, contemporary up to the nanosecond. Top down, system up, baby =)

“Our Summer” (download mp3)
from “Our Summer Volcano”
(Dragonette Inc)
Our Summer (play)

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