Superfan 2010 Classics

OK! Just like I did last year, I have put together a page of some choice selections from the 365 (count ’em!) gr8 mp3s I have posted in 2010. To hear this wonderful set of music, just click “Play” on the “Between Two Points (feat. Swan)” link, and the happy Yahoo media player will scroll thru the rest of them for you. One click. Ten gr8 songs. Free. Totally legal. You can buy music from these excellent artists by clicking the convenient “More!” links below. Enjoy =)

The Glitch Mob and Swan close the distance “Between Two Points”

This exceedingly sexy track from Glitch Mob feat. Swan is like a rainy day in bed with the all windows and steamed up and lightning and thunder obscured by the sounds of passion. Yes.

The Glitch Mob
“Between Two Points (feat. Swan)” (download mp3)
from “Drink The Sea”
(Glass Air)
Between Two Points (feat. Swan) (play)

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Del Shannon, Baby

Del Shannon, baby! This classic side was a hit in the winter of 1961, just a few months after Shannon’s “Runaway” became an international number one smash. Recently re-released digitally, this old school, live-in-the-studio recording has lost none of its shine. A pissed off goodbye song that captures a timeless human emotion.

Del Shannon
“So Long Baby” (download mp3)
from “Twirl Records Story Volume 3”
(Twirl Records)
“So Long Baby” (play)
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More Happy Mondays with The Innocence Mission

This track makes me smile. I just love the sounds of everything in it, and the arrangement is amazing. I’m a sucker for a smooth female voice drenched in reverb, and of course I love The Happy Mondays.

The Innocence Mission
“The Happy Mondays” (download mp3)
from “my room in the trees”
(Badman Recording Co)
“The Happy Mondays” (play)

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Floating thru Gregory & The Hawk’s “Landscapes”

This track makes me feel like I’m inside a music box. That’s not a bad thing. The novel cast of instruments lay down a great bed for flawless and unique vocals to rest. Original and beautiful.

Gregory & The Hawk
“Landscapes” (download mp3)
from “Leche”
(Fat Cat Records)
“Landscapes” (play)

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Into the Gothy Darkness of Zola Jesus’ “Night”

Strong, haunting female vocals over a lush synthscape slowly percolating toward an epic finale. LA darksider Zola Jesus lays bare the cold feeling of isolation alongside the explosive power of a passion reaching critical mass.

Zola Jesus
“Night” (download mp3)
from “Stridulum – EP”
(Sacred Bones Records)
Night (play)

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The Kin revisit “Change Is Gonna Come”

Here’s a labor of love from The Kin – an Aussie duo of very musical brothers. This is their expansive take on the 60’s Sam Cooke anthem.

The Kin
“Change Is Gonna Come” (download mp3)
from “Rondo Sessions (USA EP)”
(Ninth Street Opus)
Change Is Gonna Come (play)

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Bear In Heaven’s “Ultimate Satisfaction” remixed in fields of bliss

In my continuing pursuit of music for pleasure, how could I not post “Ultimate Satisfaction” by Bear In Heaven? Bears are, after all, big fluffy warm heavenly creatures to begin with. A bear in heaven? More cuddly than a giant bunnyrabbit on pot cookies. Hypnotic, dreamy electronic ambience that evokes that blissful drugged feeling from somewhere between sex and sleep. Trippy.

Bear In Heaven
“Ultimate Satisfaction (The Field Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed”
“Ultimate Satisfaction (The Field Remix)” (play)
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All Star Memphis Shuffle

Here’s some fine crispy fresh funky swangin’ blues for yer medicine. Hot sh!t horn section work, a blazing Hammond Organ, Hibachi-fried guitar riffs, and a steady walkin’ rock steady bass and drum boogie, all add up to the Memphis All Stars’ “All Star Shuffle”.” Tight, inspired, and fun instrumental combo playing that is pure Memphis.

Memphis All Stars
“All Star Shuffle” (download mp3)
from “Beyond Words Vol. II – Blues Instrumentals”
All Star Shuffle (play)

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Bernard Purdie & Crew’s Ultra-Dooper Funkay, “The Funkster”

It’s hard to resist a steamy rhythm section track, but when that rhythm section is Bernard Purdie, Reuben Wilson and Grant Green, Jr. it’s even harder to resist. Shweeet =)

Bernard Purdie, Reuben Wilson, Grant Green, Jr., Bill Easley
“The Funkster” (download mp3)
from “3”
(18th & Vine)
The Funkster (play)

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Beautiful Like Rufus Thomas’ “Ugly Like Me”

This song is dying to be the music from an 80’s movie fashion-transformation-montage. “Ugly Like Me” is a funky, horn-stabbed lesson for playin’ it cool when you’re “ugly” like the GR8 Rufus Thomas. But to me, ya know, there isn’t a more beautiful man.

Rufus Thomas
“Ugly Like Me” (download mp3)
from “Ugly Like Me”
“Ugly Like Me” (play)

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