Christie Front Drive is dead. Long live Christie Front Drive!

Christie Front Drive – “Fin” mp3

Among the many ways teh Inertnets have completely changed the world of music, you have these band sites which become memorials to groups that are no longer active. This allows people to discover their music long after the chance to see them at a sweaty little club has passed. One such band in the vast seas of indie rock is (was) Christie Front Drive from Denver, CO. Packing an earnest sincerity into their power-pop grungy emo rock, this foursome left a lovely record behind which you can now hear or purchase online. And that’s cool, man. Check this song out – gr8 composition and grand production, with some really creative guitar work. I guess they reached their “Fin” but they live on in my sound system today.

Christie Front Drive
“Fin” (mp3)
from “S/T”
(Magic Bullet)

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