Carly Comando’s Poignant Lullaby

Carly Comando – “Cordelias Lullaby” mp3

‘Nuther chill instrumental for this Sunday’s selection. It’s just how I’m rolling this weekend. Carly Comando (her real name) records solo piano improvisations for the Deep Elm label. Comando is best known for her ballad, “Everyday,” the soundtrack to Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years, which has been viewed in excess of a bazillion times. The piece has more recently served as the score to Amnesty International’s “Death to the Death Penalty” ad campaign. These beautiful works are structured more like compositions than your typical “improv” – they have movements, passages, they develop, build tension and resolve, like any written piece. She just makes them up as she plays them. Peaceful music, my offering for today.

Carly Comando
“Cordelia’s Lullaby” (mp3)
from “Cordelia”
(Deep Elm)
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