Black Mountain takes a bite of the Rock w/ “Old Fangs”

Black Mountain – “Old Fangs” mp3

Black Mountain collides hi-octane Hammond Organ with 70’s analog synth sounds and massive guitars to create a thing we will call Rock Music. But genres are a funny thing. Often when I post here, I learn something new about how limited genre descriptions really are. And they change, you know? Indie Rock once meant Rock on an Independent Label, created DIY in someone’s Sweaty Basement. Alternative Rock, probably the most annoying genre classification of all time, meant Rock that was Alternative to.. what, exactly? The “Alternative” 90’s produced some truly dreadful music, in the wake of Nirvana’s wonderfulness. It was a merciless irony, and they had the sack to call that warmed-over grunge-bandwagon expired-milk doom-whining in endless rotation paid for by giant corporations, “ALTERNATIVE!” Kafka couldn’t do better.  Where was I? Oh yeah. Black Mountain plays Rock Music. This is gr8 stuff they wrote and recorded Independently, and it is a fine Alternative to all the Poo the Major Labels now find themselves increasingly unable to foist upon a disinterested public. I present to you “Old Fangs” – a kick ass single from a Rock Band from Vancouver, featuring male and female vocals that fit together seamlessly over a monster track. Genres and labels be damned. This is Good.

Black Mountain
“Old Fangs” (mp3)
from “Wilderness Heart”
(Outside Music)
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