Bishop Perry Tillis’ Transcendent Gospel Blues

Bring it back! Bishop Perry Tillis lays it down for all the preachers out there who may talk the talk but not so much walk the walk. Recorded at his church in Samson, Alabama in 1972, here is a lesser known American blues great, who played Chicago blues circuit in the 1940s alongside Muddy Waters and Furry Lewis. When a revelation convinced him it was the devil’s music, he went back home to preach the gospel. All I know is, wherever the inspiration came from, his music is gr8. This whole CD is a joy. You can read more about it or order a hard copy at the Birdman Records website, or click here to buy the mp3s. Good ol’ soulful music.

Bishop Perry Tillis
“God don’t like it” (download mp3)
from “Too Close”
(Birdman Records)
God Don’t Like It (play)

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