Bassbin Twins at TRBL 11/12.

Bassbin Twins (one guy named: Pete) is one artist that’s hard to catch live. His fall “tour” had exactly 3 dates; the final date was at the premiere monthly breaks party in San Francisco – TRBL. The club was sufficiently packed considering it was a typical Friday night in SF with PantyRaid, Vibesquad, and the Plump DJs all playing at the same time. Bassbin Twins reclusiv-ivity works to his advantage, guaranteeing the crowd was almost exclusively Twin fans. Playing in the back of Anu, a horribly dark DJ bar on 6th street, Bassbin Twins did what he does best, lacing the crowd with beats that went from dubsteppy breaks, hip-hop remixes, and straight up breakbeat bliss. At the end of his set the crowd was sweaty, the bass bins got a workout, and TRBL resident, and birthday boy, Ground_Control’s arm was soar from cheering the reclusive breaks master. Here’s a little taste of what you missed with:

Bassbin Twins – “Quick Mix (play/download)

Peep Bassbin Twins’ official website.