Francesco Tarantini Drops House, Ladies And Gentleman

I PROMISE you, if you DON’T like HOUSE music, you will H8 this with a capital H8! But, if you LOVE HOUSE your MUSIC, as I do, you may find yourself dancing around the kitchen with a barely controlled glass of wine before pouncing on your lover like an oversexed zoo animal. Just sayin’, I warned you, either way.

Francesco Tarantini
“Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix)” (download mp3)
from “New Breed of Deep House”
Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix) (play)
(King Street Sounds)
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Merry Hell Laments “The War Between Ourselves”

UK folk rockers Merry Hell use 80’s big rock post punk gloriousness as a parchment on which to scrawl their indictment of humanity. It couldn’t be more serious, and I’d dismiss it with an “oh, please!” if it weren’t so fully realized. “The War Between Ourselves” is a perfectly naive, hopeful, desperate plea for us all to do things better. We need to hear things like that some time. After what I saw here in Oakland last night, I’m all ears!

Merry Hell
“The War Between Ourselves” (download mp3)
from “Blink…and you miss it”
“The War Between Ourselves” (play)
(Mrs Casey Records)
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Port Said Wobble With Jah

Jah Wobble is weird. Jah Wobble is great. Jah Wobble is great and weird. Jah Wobble takes a frenetic percussion double time bongo spaz and uses it to set the stage for a half-time dub reggae bliss-groove with meditation flute. Because he can. Because he likes to. He’s an artist, you see. They do stuff like that. But when the sub-bass growling undulating bass guitar kicks in you’ll have physical symptoms. EXCELLENT DUB!!!

Jah Wobble
“Port Said” (download mp3)
from “Welcome To My World”
“Port Said” (play)
(30 Hertz Records)
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Oh Goody, A New Mommyheads Record

The Mommyheads are a true indie rock national treasure, and they are one of my own personal favorite bands. Adam Elk (AKA Adam Cohen) is an exceptional singer-songwriter, and his band has always been made up of the highest level of players. This single is off their brand new album called “Delicate Friction.” It’s genius, it’s sweet, it’s beautiful. It describes a world I want to live in, and it puts me there. What more can I want from a record? Thank you, Mommyheads.

The Mommyheads
“Another Crowded House” (download mp3)
from “Delicate Friction”
“Another Crowded House” (play)
(Dromedary Records)
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Marshmallow Ghosts Ride “The Hearse Song”

What if we are among the last generations of standard issue humans on earth? What if what follows is a spectrum of robots, androids, genetically and technologically modified humans and weaponized polar bears? If so, this music will fit right it. Marshmallow Ghosts, my dear ladies and gents, regale us with “The Hearse Song.” Equal parts bleak and blissful. Goth meets Residents.

The Marshmallow Ghosts
“The Hearse Song” (download mp3)
from “The Marshmallow Ghosts”
“The Hearse Song” (play)
(Graveface Records)

Ghost Knife’s “Soft Bullets” Hit The Spot

Soft bullets, what a good idea. What good are hard bullets? They cause such problems. And as Jesse Michaels once sang in Operation Ivy, “once it’s fired no one can control it.” Yes. These soft ones are also punk rock. In the finest tradition of 999, The Damned and the like, Ghost Knife punks out proper and hurls “Soft Bullets” right at your heart. Feels good. I like it.

Ghost Knife
“Soft Bullets” (download mp3)
from “Kill Shelter, Yes!”
“Soft Bullets” (play)
(End Sounds)

Big Pete Aint All Thumbs When Pickin’ Up Them “Chromatic Crumbs”

Time for a hard left turn into a sweaty jazzy roadhouse of fun. I can’t recall hearing a blues-drenched harmonica rockin’ out with heavy jazz guitar and a smokin’ combo of this variety. It’s natural and fits together beautifully, and it freakin’ makes my afternoon here. Learn somethin’ new about music every day if ya wanna. Possessed of major chops, these players find appropriate occasion to use them on “Chromatic Crumbs.” Sizzling goodness from Big Pete and his band o’ brigands.

Big Pete
“Chromatic Crumbs (feat. John Marx & Alex Schultz)” (download mp3)
from “Choice Cuts”
“Chromatic Crumbs” (play)

Royal Treatment Plant Peels The Band Aid On “Battle Scars”

Plenty of men have said that women are all the same. Joe Jackson even put it in a popular song in the 80’s. God I hated that song. And I like me some JJ. But! It seems, if I am not mistaken, that we now have a gender reversal on the same topic. More women have made the claim that all men are the same, evidenced by their behavior in relationships. This driving little indie rocker from Royal Treatment Plant features a female lead vocal, reviewing her relationship “Battle Scars” and refraining “you’re all the same, you’re all the same, you’re all the same, but not on MY time!” And it rocks. Or I wouldn’t post it.

Royal Treatment Plant
“Battle Scars” (download mp3)
from “Halfway To The Sun”
“Battle Scars” (play)
(Tip Top Recordings)
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Moonstarr’s Dada No Wave “Climax”

Trippeth forth with the blippertronic sexbot bleepisms of Moonstarr. “Climax” is an ironic title for this, for it slithers along without going up or down, suggesting a sort of luxurious carrying on indoors on a rainy day with no hurry and no plan. Decadent sort of Berlin drug den music. Approval.

“Climax” (download mp3)
from “Instrumentals Forever”
“Climax” (play)
(Public Transit Recordings)
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Swing Republic Gets On the Downbeat w/ Bing Crosby

Here’s a jubilant reworking of some Bing Crosby samples, framed anew in a modern disco setting. It’s fun, it’s wacky, it’s not really jazz but it swings alright! “On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” is sure to make the cats’ ears twitch and the doggies’ paws tap.

Swing Republic
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (download mp3)
from “White Mink : Black Cotton 2 (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz)”
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (play)
(Freshly Squeezed Music)