Nigel Price Goes “Subconscious-Lee” Wes Montgomery, Praise Be

Did you know, the amount of money people spend on therapy could be better put into cat toys, sex toys, fresh produce and yoga classes? Yes, because these are the things that make one happy. Oh, and jazz. Instrumental jazz, and a nice fuzzy sweater as winter comes on. They should pay me millions for that information. But you get it here for free, my dears. Because generosity is its own reward, and all these musical discoveries I’ve shared over the last three years have enriched me gr8ly. Listen to guitarist Nigel Price and his Organ Trio, and become “Subconscious-Lee” enlightened. Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane and other classic be-boppers, surge through this tune like eager blood on a morning run, as the sun crests a hillside and bathes the brisk and dewey land in vitality. Yes.

Nigel Price Organ Trio, Alex Garnett
“Subconscious-Lee” (download mp3)
from “Heads & Tales”
“Subconscious Lee” (play)
(Nigel Price)

Like Your Bass Down Low? Do Tell!

Track titles and artist names say a lot. From an artist called Bass Down Low, what do you expect? “Do Tell.” Most excellent ‘lectroplasmic bleepotronic fibrulatin. That’s good, kittins. It’s funny, I’ve noticed with things like hip-hop, country music, or electronic club music, there’s always someone who REEALLY hates it. I think that’s often a sign of gr8 art. I love video game inspired early “syn drum” blip bass music. Enjoy it? Do tell!

Bass Down Low
“Do Tell” (download mp3)
from “Do Tell – Single”
“Do Tell” (play)
(Wobble Trouble)
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Take A Trip Round Mr Kellogg’s House With Coney Island Sound

Pretty dark fun bright trippy slipping beat ponderances and glitch treats from Coney Island Sound. Their name fits their music – they’re all about that beachfront ancient arcade machines rusting see breeze blowing ocean sounds blending with esoteric entertainment devices and someone over there kissing. It’s good.

Coney Island Sound
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (download mp3)
from “Songs From A Bedroom – A Regular Beat Compilation”
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (play)
(Regular Beat Recording)
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INFINITO 2017 Demonstrates the “Cold Flow”

Oh my goodness. Here’s some non-processed vocalizin’ from some properly pissed off young hip-hop neurons. Boyz will be boyz. This is funny. And tight. Haha the lines just get better. Excellent battle rap fare with p-pphhfatt jazzbo sample loops.

“Cold Flow” (download mp3)
from “Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears”
“Cold Flow” (play)
(Joe Left Hand Records)

Hooves That Gallop, Heels That March, Weaved By The Loom

Darkness, darkness. Trumpets, muttering, and darkness. Oh, and banjos. Before the explosion and the rain and the flood and the falling, falling. I don’t know what this is all about, but I sense the mossy underbelly of a Civil War battlefield, quiet on the surface, raging with ghosts just under the surface, in an unsettled soil. What is wrong with me? Gr8, strange work from The Loom, from Brooklyn.

The Loom
“For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March” (download mp3)
from “Teeth”
“For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March” (play)
(Crossbill Records)

The Fashion Slaves’ Beautiful Styrofoam World

Taking a page from Devo and a chapter from Alice In Wonderland, Berkeley’s Fashion Slaves let the styrofoam cat out of the styrofoam bag with their first mp3 release. It’s short and sweet and crispy and fun I can’t get that riff outta my styrofoam head. NY art rock, gone hella east bay. I love it.

The Fashion Slaves
Click to play, or right click “save as” to download:
The Fashion Slaves – “Styrofoam” (mp3)
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

Kinda In Love With M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa”

Begin the worshiping process as M+A’s whispered druggy sex insidiousness works its toy piano magic. Oh gawd they had to put a trumpet there, kill me nicely, oh dear. What is it with me and lone trumpets and trippy make-out music lately? Is it the season? Anyway, I really like M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa” like, I really like, like, I want to snuggle it like a kitty and such. So there you have it.

“Liko Lene Lisa” (download mp3)
from “Things.Yes”
“Liko Lene Lisa” (play)
(Monotreme Records)
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Red Sky At Morning, “Chiudi gli occhi”‘s Take Warning

Nothing like a little revolution to get the blood flowing. Here’s some instrumental ponderings from a band from Milan called Red Sky – not to be confused with the Red Sky from Detroit or the one from Minneapolis – good gawd there’s a lot of ’em. Red Sky from Milan, ladies and gents! With some instrumental schizophrenic hard rock that loves its U2 as much as its Joe Satriani. Approximately. I like it.

Red Sky
“Chiudi gli occhi” (download mp3)
from “Tra l’ombra e l’anima – EP”
“Chiudi gli occhi” (play)
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Brandon Schott’s “Satellite” Orbits Til I See The Light!

It took me a few tries before I could trust this song enough to get past the first minute. As soon as someone starts “la-la-la”-ing I get suspicious. I’m really glad I tried again, because this is a real gem. Threads of George Martin-y Beatle-isms and soft-rock 70’s silliness weave a tapestry that is so damn pretty I must wrap myself in it. Brandon Schott made this record via the Internets with friends in various locations far and wide, recording drums here, another bit there. It’s a 21st century recording in that regard, while the musical style is mid-late 20th century (OMGawd I can say that now!), so much that you can almost hear the warm crackling and popping of a needle on vinyl. As for the lyric, and the sincerity of the vocal, those parts are timeless.

Brandon Schott
“Satellite” (download mp3)
from “13 Satellites”
“Satellite” (play)
(Golden State Music)
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Spectrals “Get A Grip,” I Attempt To Do Same

If there were a reverb effect preset called “blissfully gloomy English fog,” it would be this. Here is some dreampoppin’ sadvergnügen from the sub-strata of life viewed with sunglasses in winter. That made sense to me. Which is worrisome. But don’t worry about your Superfan, I just need to Get A Grip.

“Get A Grip” (download mp3)
from “Bad Penny”
“Get A Grip” (play)
(Slumberland Records)