Punx Soundcheck “Nobody Move” Moves Plenty

Alright, lots of parties around the world today for various reasons. Is there ever a bad reason for a party? Methinks not. Here’s some fun ‘lectronic dance floor spaz material for any occasion. Music deconstructs itself down to molecules and electrons in the hands of today’s laptop wielding sound architects, to give us crispy club jamz like this. I like.

Punx Soundcheck
“Nobody Move” (download mp3)
from “Ghost House EP”
(Hottwerk Records)
“Nobody Move” (play)

Cinema Red And Blue’s Creepy Crawly “Walkin’ To The Cemetery”

Hey it’s a better idea than running to the cemetery, isn’t it? Here’s some first class garage rock from Cinema Red And Blue. Just Walkin’ To The Cemetery. Ghostly creepy Farfisa Organ with howls.

Cinema Red And Blue
“Walkin’ To The Cemetery” (download mp3)
from “Butterbean Crypt EP”
“Walkin To The Cemetery” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)

There’s Always Hope. There’s Always Cabernet. Just Ask Benjamin Shaw

Allo, kittins. Your Superfan has been away. Absent. AWOL. Remiss. But I have returned, to make a few more posts to finish up another year of this labor of love. This is one for all you lo-fi dissonance lovers. Enjoy with crandberry sauce. Phoning it in from the ranch, amongst the relations. It’s good to be home.

Benjamin Shaw
“How to Test the Depth of a Well” (download mp3)
from “There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet”
“How To Test The Depth Of A Well” (play)
(Audio Antihero)
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Waterproof Blonde Wants To Know “Are You Ready”

I want a waterproof blonde. Don’t you? Who wouldn’t? Are you ready? For Waterproof Blonde? You’d better be. Because here they come on “The Morning After The Night Before.” From Crash Avenue records. Distorted, dirty, and delicious.

Waterproof Blonde
“Are You Ready” (download mp3)
from “The Morning After The Night Before”
“Are You Ready” (play)
(Crash Avenue)

The Pipettes’ Unspeakably Delightful “Boo Shuffle”

How perfectly silly. I love The Pipettes‘ world view, and they have an irresistible way of inviting us into their glittering funscape. Ooh-wah indeed! Great production and playing, all of which is so new school / old school – mashup, and covers so many decades of pop, I just don’t know goddam right what to say about it! Other than it’s truly GR8. Thanks Pipettes, you made my day with this one.

The Pipettes
“Boo Shuffle” (download mp3)
from “Boo Shuffle”
“Boo Shuffle” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)

Black Seeds Reeeeemix!

Black Seeds inna ones and zeros. What more ya needta knows? If u haz been following moy posts diligently since Jan 1, 2009 (and why wouldn’t you) then you know I love me some Black Seeds reggae outta New Zealand. So here’s anudder. Enjoy.

The Black Seeds
“Slingshot (Truth Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Specials: Remixes And Versions From Solid Ground”
“Slingshot (Truth Remix)” (play)
(Easy Star Records)
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All Time High Get High In Friends’ Places

I like Small Stone Records. A Small Stone, for the uninitiated, is an effects pedal favored by stoners in the 1970’s and ever since. It is a “phaser” and it makes whooshy whooshy tone sweeps. You control the speed. You control the depth. You say things like “whoa, dude, nice!” and your mom comes in with your report card and papers to have you committed to an institution. Most Small Stone owners had Lava Lamps. All of them had bongs. All Time High on Small Stone Record, my dears, with “Nice Guys Laugh Last”. Kinda Nirvana-ish stoner rock. It pleases me.

All Time High
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (download mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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Elevate w/ Sum-in-1 feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong

Jamaican record makers in the early 60’s took their cue from American R&B records, and later took pages from hip-hop, as Jamaican Dancehall evolved. Meanwhile American hip-hop, from its inception, was influenced by Jamaican Sound System and Deejay culture. There’s long been a special musical information expressway between Jamaica and the urban United States, and here is a fresh fruit from that fertile tree. This is some of the most refreshing hip-hop I’ve heard in years.

“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (download mp3)
from “And Then Sum”
“Elevate (feat. Papa Michigan & Jeanine Strong)” (play)
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Ezra Furman & the Harpoons Havin’ “Hard Times In A Terrible Land”

Good God. In his harrowing tale, alone in bad neighborhoods with termites in the floorboards, Ezra Furman’s shredded pleas for the Lord’s mercy remain unheeded. The Harpoons’ dirty bashing goes unanswered. What, is it The Big Kahuna’s day off? Out of town for the National Association of Dieties convention in Scottsdale? Or is it just that this little thumper is too much for even the Big G to handle? A voice, howling naked in the darkness. Good stuff.

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons
“Hard Time in a Terrible Land” (download mp3)
from “Mysterious Power”
“Hard Time In A Terrible Land” (play)
(Red Parlor Records)