Kooii gives us “Beads On A String”

Kooii – “Beads On A String” mp3

This exceedingly chill Aussie Reggae number from Brisbane’s Kooii features a poetic and sweet boy-meets-girl lyric delivered patiently in a smoky tenor by singer-guitarist Peter Hunt. Kooii has the musical vocabulary of this style down solid, and they bring a nice combination of pop sensibilities and jam band love. The melodica, horn parts, and harmony vocals sit so nicely in the dubby bass and drum groove, while their blend of acoustic and electric guitars completes a picture of audio bliss.

“Beads On A String” (mp3)
from “Beads on a String”
(Sugar Rush – Sol Records)

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Ivory Joe Hunter’s “I Almost Lost My Mind” live a thing of sublime beauty

Ivory Joe Hunter – “I Almost Lost My Mind” mp3

You know, as an mp3 blogger, I’m not really a critic, because I only ever talk about music here that I really, really like, and not music I don’t like. That’s my thing. And while I try to discuss intelligently whenever I can, the gems I find, sometimes, I must confess, I am left without words. This live recording of Ivory Joe Hunter singing “I Almost Lost My Mind,” at The Grand Ole Opry is so good, that I will have to sit out, and let it speak for itself. Enjoy.

Ivory Joe Hunter
“I Almost Lost My Mind” (mp3)
from “Live At The Grand Ole Opry”

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Fucked Up thrives on “Baiting the Public”

Fucked Up – “Baiting the Public” mp3

If you’re more concerned with blowing hardcore fans’ minds and having fun than you are in pursuing any conventional commercial appeal, one thing you might do is name your band Fucked Up. This marauding gang of punkers from Ontario, Canada gained some serious momentum last year, and at this point nothing but stopping will prevent them from reaching a jubilant world wide audience. Mainstream piffle this is not. Their sound is redonkulously loud and powerful.  Exceedingly pissed vocals, and superbly creative guitar bass and drum work, all add up to some devastating and entertaining punk rawk, with a gr8 sense of musical adventure. On the Jade Tree label. Enjoy, public.

Fucked Up
“Baiting the Public” (mp3)
from “Hidden World”
(Jade Tree)

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The Strange Transgressions of a Drunk Horse

Drunk Horse – “Strange Transgressors” mp3

Drunk Horse, I have to say, does something that some rock bands neglect to do these days: they rock. Of this song, I could say it sounds like Led Zep might if they came from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s corner of the American south, or I could just say it careens along like a rampaging horse, drunk and breathing fire. In reality, this band of hair farmers hails from my hometown of Oakland, California, and they kick whole truckloads of ass. Four guys with guitars, drums and real old school rawk chops. Extra crunchy, and oh so much yummy riffing goodness.

Drunk Horse
“Strange Transgressors” (mp3)
from “In Tongues”
(Tee Pee Records)

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Blackdrum & Moam’s sublime “2012”

Blackdrum & Moam – “2012” mp3

2012, 2012. Apocalypse, end of the world blah blah blah, meteors crashing into earth and all that, I’m over it! Remember Y2K? 1984? Seems every few years we have an end of the world deal – ancient prophesies, people freaking out. Kind of amusing really. And don’t get me wrong, I think we need to look after our lovely planet and stop abusing her so. But as far as some definitive, catastrophic moment, I think it’s a cop out to even think that way. The deal is, we get to stay here, live in the world we make, that’s our instant karma. And we can all do our bit to make our stay here a bit nicer for ourselves and our fellow critters. To that end, I am posting another track for all you lovely earthlings to enjoy, this one referred to me by my buddy Subverse – one of the hardest hardcore human electronica knowledge bases on terra firma. Tribal dance floor infecting drum bleats (sic) and atmospheric sonic wanderings (sick!) from East Coast Old Skoolers, Blackdrum & Moam. Life is good.

Blackdrum & Moam
“2012” (mp3)
from “Old Skool Dirt (Volume 2)”
(Kult Records)

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Some Chicago Blues for the Lady, please

Colin Banagan, The CB Blues Band – “Blues for the Lady” mp3

From this excellent Chicago Blues compilation, here’s a sweet and laid back instrumental piano blues from Colin Banagan. Minimal accompaniment by upright bass and smooth, brush-stick drumming provides an elegant backdrop for the piano man to stretch out in every which way. “Blues for the Lady,” ladies and gents. A magnificent, understated recording.

Colin Banagan, The CB Blues Band
“Blues for the Lady” (mp3)
from “Chicago Blues – Volume 2”
(Classic Fox Records)

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Version Xcursion meets Treson 4 “Jenn ee Rocka”

Version Xcursion meets Treson – “Jenn ee Rocka” mp3

Top of the decade to ya’s! Nice to see you here in my new spot! If you’re new to my trip, you should have a surf through SuperFan2009.com where I posted a song a day last year. Now I’m doing it again! There’s just too much gr8 and legit music out there, so I can’t stop! Starting the year off right with a chill lovers rock track called “Jenn ee Rocka” from Version Xcursion on the 7 Arts Entertainment label. A purrrfect comedown for New Years Day.

Version Xcursion meets Treson
“Jenn ee Rocka” (mp3)
from “Jenn-ee-Rocka”
(7 Arts Entertainment)

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