Don’ts Don’t Let Breakdown Get Them Down

San Francisco’s The Dont’s rock, yes they do. “Don’t let the breakdown get you down,” they explain. Words to live by. I dig The Dont’s. Psychedelic moddy power pop with wild vocals and excellent Feedback-Fu.

The Dont’s
“Breakdown” (download mp3)
from “Those Delicate Chemicals”
(The Dont’s)
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No “Trashcan” for Delta Spirit

Long Beach rockers Delta Spirit bring it on home with this one. “Trashcan” is part rock, part soul, a dash of honk and a sprinkle of tonk, with explosive vocals that are anything but trash, man. I love the acoustic piano and roots-meets-indie rock vibe. Brilliant track.

Delta Spirit
“Trashcan” (download mp3)
from “Ode to Sunshine”
“Trashcan” (play)

Jim Jones Revue meets “The Meat Man”

Let’s go Jim Jones Revue! An insane mixture of Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis meets gritty old school punk rock. This tune is fast and furious and doesn’t stop the entire time. Rippin’ piano all the way through at a ridiculous pace. Top-down volume up total scorcher.

The Jim Jones Revue
“The Meat Man” (download mp3)
from “The Jim Jones Revue”
(Punk Rock Blues)
“The Meat Man” (play)

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Hanging Out In Dedicated to Dedications’ Strange Neighborhood

This track brings a sweet and original sounding female vocal to the front with a gorgeous arrangement of strings, piano and drums. It’s emo at its happiest! Sad and dark, yet intense and engaging with a glimmering light that shines throughout. I love it.

Dedicated To Dedications
“Strange Neighborhood” (download mp3)
from “Emo Diaries – Chapter Twelve – I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You”
“Strange Neighborhood” (play)
(Deep Elm)
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King Midas in Reverse fills “Space Between Us”

This tune brings me back to the early 90’s with its classic electronica and synthy sound. It’s a fiery, catchy number that has me clapping along and wanting to put on pegged jeans and black eyeliner. Check it.

King Midas in Reverse
“Space Between Us” (download mp3)
from “Everything Gets Better”
(Fortune Records)
“Space Between Us” (play)
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Mexican Institute of Sound Throws A Carnaval

I love a great band name, and I love it even better when a band more than lives up to it. Here is a glorious blend of modern and traditional musics, seamlessly rendered by a tight group with a hot horn section.

Mexican Institute of Sound
“Carnaval” (download mp3)
from “Suave Patria – EP”
(Nacional Records)
“Carnaval” (play)

Developing Active People Via Audio

Via Audio is a perfect name for this hi-fi band. Girl/guy vocals on top of old synths and chimey guitars meander happily through warm melodies and counter-melodies. Sweet treats for the headphone peeps.

Via Audio
“Developing Active People” (download mp3)
from “Via Audio”
(kill normal)
“Developing Active People” (play)
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Harry Manx’s Strong Foundation of “Brick And Stone”

Simple acoustic guitar and some slinky slide propel Harry Manx toward his home. A sweet and sincere ode to “home” and we aint talkin’ about a house! Old school gr8 music, played by a human. Fancy that.

Harry Manx
“Brick And Stone” (download mp3)
from “Dog My Cat”
(Dog My Cat Records)
“Brick And Stone” (play)

Del Wood Tickles the Ivories til they Giggle on the classic, “Ragtime Annie”

Sitting here listening to this track, I can see the fast-motion silent movie it would be perfect in, playing before my eyes. It makes me smile and want to act silly. This is the legendary Del Wood, ladies and gents, “Queen of the Ragtime Pianists,” with a barnstorming instrumental flight. Just the rainy day pick me up I needed to start Monday off right.

Del Wood
“Ragtime Annie” (download mp3)
from “More Favorites”
“Ragtime Annie” (play)

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Soltero’s Hello Goodbye “From The Station”

Mixing pre-Woodstock 60’s innocence with a touch of modern mess, “From The Station” is a dreamy conversation between an idealist teetering on the edge of naivete, and a realist who is in love with them. Sounds like Brian Wilson if he was born a few decades later.

“From The Station” (download mp3)
from “Hell Train”
(Three Ring Records)
Soltero – “From The Station” (play)
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