Busta Rhymes, “Light That Ass of Fire (Ghislain Poirier Remix)”

Busta Rhymes is no virgin when it comes to electronic artist laying down their beats over Busta’s often crushing lyrical delivery. This time it’s French-Canadian beat king Poirier’s production that is literally all percussion.

Light That Ass of Fire (Ghislain Poirier Remix) (play/download mp3)

Wendel Patrick, “My CD Has A Scratch (feat. Salim)”

This is the kind of single that makes me wish hip-hop could produce product that is as all-around-dope as, “My CD Has A Scratch (feat. Salim).” Wendel Patrick is one of the true original production voices on the East Coast. His beats have turned the ear of hip-hop fans who listen to Company Flow as much as they listen to Kid 606. This track is going in my “all time favorite songs” list.

My CD Has A Scratch (feat. Salim) (play/download)

Old Styles Of Beyond track

I originally posted this song on 11/08/03:

S.O.B. are one of the hottest young duos commin’ out of the LA underground. This track is off “The Precedent” comp that came out 2 years ago. Solid beats back the lyrics of Takbir and Ryu, and it has an almost has a Bronx’s year 1985 feel to it. Dig it.

Styles Of Beyond, “Ambiguous Figures (play/download mp3)

Denis Binokl, “Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix)”

I have New Year’s Eve on my mind, so when I heard this track I thought of dancing outside with 2,000 of my friends with the San Francisco skyline providing the back drop. Thanks to my friends at Really Really Big Records for the beats.

Denis Binokl
“Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Really Really Big Men & Friends Vol.1”
(Really Really Big Records)
Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix) (play)


Fuck You (NAPT remix)

UK duo NAPT have been working hard over the last couple of years personally branding their own breakbeat niche called: N-Funk. They take elements of breaks, electro, and whatever else they feel like, and turn it into tracks that will light up the dance floor. Their latest remix, Ce Loo’s single “Fuck You,” takes Gnarls Barkley’s vocalist anti-gold digger lyrics and punishes it with bass ladened kicks and stabbing synths.

Cee Lo Green – “FU (NAPT remix) (play/download)

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Old School Beats

Super Deejay Bobzilla ain’t no dummy, he makes old school breaks because old school breaks brings girls to the dance floor. “Ah Shit! (Koians Norwegian Breaks Remix)” keeps those women on the dance floor with funky percussion, party chants, and twisted effects.

Super Deejay Bobzilla
“Ah Shit! (Koians Norwegian Breaks Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Ah Shit!”
(Mutate Records)
“Ah Shit! (Koians Norwegian Breaks Remix)” (play)

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New Zealand Reggae

New Zealand reggae group Stonerange are pushing sounds from their isolated island that takes Jamaican dub past the twenty-first century with edgy-electronic production, but keeps some of dub’s original sonic integrity. The juxtaposition will be a winner with electronic and reggae fans alike.

“Rise Up” (download mp3)
from “Rise Up – EP”
Rise Up (play)

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Headhunted beats

Mike Clark is best known for his work as drummer for Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters band. An innovator of the jazz/funk sound in the 70s, he currently lives in New York and records on Platform Recordings label. “59th Street Station” is a dark and moody track with plenty of funk and deep-groove.

Mike Clark – “59th Street Station (play/download)

Bassbin Twins at TRBL 11/12.

Bassbin Twins (one guy named: Pete) is one artist that’s hard to catch live. His fall “tour” had exactly 3 dates; the final date was at the premiere monthly breaks party in San Francisco – TRBL. The club was sufficiently packed considering it was a typical Friday night in SF with PantyRaid, Vibesquad, and the Plump DJs all playing at the same time. Bassbin Twins reclusiv-ivity works to his advantage, guaranteeing the crowd was almost exclusively Twin fans. Playing in the back of Anu, a horribly dark DJ bar on 6th street, Bassbin Twins did what he does best, lacing the crowd with beats that went from dubsteppy breaks, hip-hop remixes, and straight up breakbeat bliss. At the end of his set the crowd was sweaty, the bass bins got a workout, and TRBL resident, and birthday boy, Ground_Control’s arm was soar from cheering the reclusive breaks master. Here’s a little taste of what you missed with:

Bassbin Twins – “Quick Mix (play/download)

Peep Bassbin Twins’ official website.

The new Shy FX single

Most “aging ravers” remember Shy FX (born: Andre Williams) from his days entertaining our drum n’ bass thirsty ears in the early 90s. Shy FX’s new single, “Raver” has the production chops that can only come from a vet-in-their-prime producer like Shy FX. Thanks to my friends at RCRD-LBL for file hosting!

Visit Shy Fx’s record label Digital Soundboy.