Blunted beats

Spaceflight Orchestra-Step Now (J-Boogie Remix feat. Aima the Dreamer)

San Francisco’s beat king J-Boogie takes Boulder Colorado’s Spaceflight Orchestra’s blunted dream track “Step Now” into deep-dubby waters. From the opening beat (Apache break) this journey is a funky blissful ride on a downtempo high.

Spaceflight Orchestra
“Step Now (J-Boogie Remix feat. Aima the Dreamer)” (mp3)
from “An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume One”
(Black Bridge)

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An-ten-nae, Bay Area crunk

Freeland-Do You (An-ten-nae remix)

It’s no secret in The Bay Area who’s a major player in the club scene at the moment – An-ten-nae. Every weekend (and a few weekday nights) An-ten-nae and his crew can be found tearing up dance floors for legions of post-ravers hungry for slimy beats.

“Do You” (mp3)
from “An-ten-nae Presents Acid Crunk Vol. 2”
(Muti Music)

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6Blocc, A.K.A. RAW, still bringing it.

6Blocc (cause you can hear his bass from 6 blocks) has been a leading DJ/producer in the underground music world for over 20 years. Known for his skills at mashing together hip-hop, reggae, drum n’ bass, and dubstep. His skills can be compared to none, and his DJ mixes are some of the illest pieces of music in my collection.

“Traning Wheelz” (download mp3)
from “Foulplaydubstep Elite Forces”
“Training Wheelz”

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Hip-hop tribute to Rosie Perez

Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez-Protagonists

Slug and Murs have joined forces again in Felt 3, a series dedicated to women these two underground kingpins want to bone. This time it’s Rosie Perez (agreed, as long as she doesn’t utter a word). And in each of the Felt albums Slug and Murs team up with a different producer. This round they choose Def Jux producer/rapper Aesop Rock who can make a beat or write a PHD thesis paper for the right price. Fans of Slug and Murs will find comfort in more of the same from these shit-talking rappers who fail to mention Rosie. “Protagonists” is the single chosen to be slung out into the blog-o-sphere. Now lets see if it has legs. Don’t know. You be the judge.

“Protagonists” (mp3)
from “Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez”
(Rhymesayers Entertainment)

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Dirty electro banger!

It’s no secret that the fine folks in Belgium know how to party. Maybe it’s all those liberal drug laws. Or maybe they are all healthy, happy, and educated from all that socialized government. Whatever the reason, Belgium party-ers come out in the thousands hungry for sweaty-dance-floor episodes — nightly. In steps the DJ/production team of Hermanos Inglesos. These two brothers know how to feed these fiendish clubbers who come out expecting nothing less then to be slapped around with dirty basslines, crunchy tech-drums and freakish 808s. 10 seconds into “Mastermind” and you will feel what it’s like to dance amongst them.

Hermanos Inglesos
“Mastermind” (download mp3)
from “Mastermind EP”
(Fine Day Records)
Mastermind (play)
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Sunspot Jonz harmonizes on this joint.

The Hieroglyphic crew wrote the blue print for the underground hip-hop scene in the Bay Area, while Sunspot Jonz and his Living legends crew gave the blueprint style and direction that basically stated that: their crew is independent as fuck. Sunspot and his homies made it cool to use big words and to sing your ass-off on a hip-hop record. “Warlords In The Projects” is off Sun’s first solo release Child of the Storm(1999).

Sunspot Jonz
“Warlords In The Projects” (mp3)
from “Child of the Storm”
(Worldwide Massmedia/Revenge Ent.)
Warlords In The Projects (play)

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Modern funk geniuses, The Poets of Rhythm

The Poets of Rhythm are from one of the last places you would imagine a funk band surfacing from: Munich, Germany. They were turned onto grimy funk in High School. Soon they coped a record habit that rivals any experience William Burroughs ever wrote about. But instead of leaching and raping society for everything we got, they’ve been releasing some of best hard-hitting-ass-shaking funk of the twenty-first century. “Ham Gallery” is off The Poets’ first release, Dicern/Define (2001). I remember when this album first dropped. All kinds of music fans where praising the release; from the pasty-white indie kids, to the underground hip-hop kids, and even the post-underground ravers where dancing to The Poets’ beats. And how could we not?

The Poets of Rhythm
“Ham Gallery” (download mp3)
(Quannum Projects)
Ham Gallery (play)

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