Dirty raw funk

Do you think 4 white guys from Ohio can’t play funk? Think again cause some of the dirtiest-stripped-down-raw-daddy funk being made today are the product of 4-white dudes from Ohio called The Jive Turkeys. The “B.A. – Single” is beautifully recorded and flawlessly mixed, receiving nods from the who’s-who of the funk world — mainly Wax Poetics. But when you swing as heavy as The Jive Turkeys do, expect the professional recognition reserved only for bands of their caliber.

The Jive Turkeys
“B.A.” (download mp3)
from “B.A. – Single”
(Colemine Records)
B.A. (play)
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Superbad dupstep!

East Coast dubstep producer Humble Dinosaur takes the vocal sample of “I’m Superbad” from the scene in the movie Superbad when they’re about to cop booze with a fake ID and Mc Fogell is trying to pussy out. Then HD slaps a billowing baseline down. The beat is slowed down to a drunken pace. Then the ‘worrier charge’ is let off in the background. All the ingredients to make an unruly and ominous tune that is sure to satisfy the itch of any dubstep junky.

Humble Dinosaur
“I’m Superbad” (download mp3)
from “Payin Dues”
I’m Superbad (play)

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DJ Spooky, “Mr. Brown (Remix)”

I spent a huge chunk of my early teens listening to Bob Marley. On my 17th birthday Marley’s box set, Songs of Freedom was in my gift pile. The last song on disk 1 is “Mr. Brown,” and this was the first time I ever heard it. Darker and maybe the only song in Marley’s catalog that can be described as “moody,” to this day it remains one of my favorite songs. In 2007 Dj Spooky, an artist I spent the majority of my early twenties listening to, turns out this moody, dance-y, funky remix.

Mr. Brown (Remix) (play/download mp3)

Jake One, “Trap Door (feat. MF Doom)”

Trap Door” was originally released as the B-side on The Truth 12′. Later the mp3 proved to be a proper preview/teaser to Jake One’s first full-length, White Van Music, one of 2008’s stand out hip-hop albums. With tracks like this one, not to mention 22 other bangers, White Van Music maybe one of the top hip-hop albums of the decade. Fans of MF Doom I know you miss the days when it seemed like MF came out with an album a month. Comb though Doom’s catalog once again starting with, “Trap Door.”

Trap Door feat. MF Doom (play/download mp3)

Bay Area rap at it’s best

California reggae group Rebelution’s dreamy and catchy productions have been turning the ears of many Bay Area producers, including the ever prolific board master of Zion I, Amp Live. The marriage of Zion I and Rebelution makes for some of the freshest and most infectious hip-hop I’ve listened to in a long time. Commercial “urban” radio programming may be dominated with songs that feature the audio tune more heavily then the rapping, but Zion I shows true hip-hop fans that they can get down with many styles.

Zion I, “Many Styles (feat.Rebelution)” (play/download mp3)

Visit Rebelution’s website for all the intel.

The Growth

Sharps is the latest member of Bay Area label Muti Music’s able roster of dubstep and future bass artists who are providing the framework for the future of electronic production. “The Growth” is a choppy, sinewy track, bursting with dubby textures. And “thumbs up” on the album artwork. Eighties after-school cartoons rocked!

“The Growth” (download mp3)
from “Bad Sister”
(Muti Music)
The Growth (play)

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Bassnectar is still king

Bassnectar is a rockstar. When the intern at my office — who looks like he stepped off a Scorpions record cover — comes up to my desk asking if I like Bassnectar, you’ve reached ‘rockstar’ status. “Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)” is the quintessential Bassnectar sound: time-stretched vocals, massive basslines, warped horn samples, all laid on a foundation of chunky beats. You know a Bassnectar song is playing because his sound doesn’t tickle you, it engulfs you.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix)” (play/download mp3)

Bassnectar continues killing it.

I never felt that Bassnectar’s live shows ever eclipsed his recorded material, until I heard his latest, “Wildstyle.” If you’ve never been to a Bassnectar show it usually goes down like “Wildstyle Method (Radio Edit),” the bass rolls and shudders over your body making the experience of listening (or being at his show) the ultimate aphrodisiac.
Listen to the rest of “Wildstyle” at Bassnectar.net.

Wildstyle Method (Radio Edit) (play/download mp3)

Goldie Looking Chain

– Originally posted on: October 7, 2007

Goldie Looking Chain are 4 blokes from Newport South Wales. I guess you say they rap. You can make comparisons to The Beastie Boys, but if you look at their tour blog you see they like to drink and party, just like me. “Famous As Fuck” are one of those random songs that you should have a copy of, plus, the song fucking knocks.

GLC, “Famous As Fuck (play/download mp3)

Visit their website for more sounds.

This is Wicked

Recorded and released in 1999, Operator Burstup’s husky beats and brawny basslines took their cue from UK drum n’ bass, and turned the ears of many of dubstep’s most influential producers. “Wicked” starts with now iconic “Funky Worm” sample by the Ohio Players, and the next four minutes is like climbing in the ring with the Heavyweight Champion of basslines.

Operator Burstup – “Wicked (play/download mp3)