Denis Binokl – “Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix)”

I have New Year’s Eve on my mind, so when I heard this track I thought of dancing outside with 2,000 of my friends with the San Francisco skyline providing the back drop. Thanks to my friends at Really Really Big Records for the beats. Any you all have a great 2011!

Denis Binokl
“Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Really Really Big Men & Friends Vol.1”
(Really Really Big Records)
Strutter (Brian Taaffe Remix) (play)


Sex 4 Moderns, “Penetrating Love Ray”

This Berkeley band’s guitar rock song about projecting direct love feelings really rocks my world. This track has great musicianship, compelling songwriting, and a raw edginess that I recommend. Thanks in advance.

Sex 4 Moderns
“Penetrating Love Ray” (mp3)
from “Sex 4 Moderns”
(Fun Fun Fun Records)
“Penetrating Love Ray” (play)


Wild Pumpkins at Midnight – “U.F.O.”

This track by Aussies Wild Pumpkins At Midnight zips around between the Beatles, Cornershop, Spiritualized, and a small church spilling drippy organ out into the air. Cool production imparts a psychedelic buoyancy while sweet, clear vocals tug it gently back to Earth. I dig it.

Wild Pumpkins at Midnight
“U.F.O.” (download mp3)
from “Instant Ocean”
(Smoked Recordings)
U.F.O. (play)


The Dont’s – “Breakdown”

San Francisco’s The Dont’s rock, yes they do. “Don’t let the breakdown get you down,” they explain. Words to live by. I dig The Dont’s. Psychedelic moddy power pop with wild vocals and excellent Feedback-Fu.

The Dont’s
“Breakdown” (download mp3)
from “Those Delicate Chemicals”
(The Dont’s)
“Breakdown” (play)

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Cathedral Brass – “Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)”

It’s a glorious electro-disco-dance remiXmas from Cathedral Brass! Huge classical brass band sounds charge over funky beats to bring “Joy To The World” out of the dusty cupboards of Christmas Past, into a lively party of the Jolly Present. Happy Holidays to all you music lovers everywhere!

Cathedral Brass
“Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Holiday Dance Party – The Christmas Remixes”
(Christmas Chill)
“Joy To The World (Mocean Worker Remix)” (play)
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The Innocence Mission – “The Happy Mondays”

This track makes me smile. I just love the sounds of everything in it, and the arrangement is amazing. I’m a sucker for a smooth female voice drenched in reverb, and of course I love The Happy Mondays.

The Innocence Mission
“The Happy Mondays” (download mp3)
from “my room in the trees”
(Badman Recording Co)
“The Happy Mondays” (play)

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Via Audio – “Developing Active People”

Via Audio is a perfect name for this hi-fi band. Girl/guy vocals on top of old synths and chimey guitars meander happily through warm melodies and counter-melodies. Sweet treats for the headphone peeps.

Via Audio
“Developing Active People” (download mp3)
from “Via Audio”
(kill normal)
“Developing Active People” (play)

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