The Postal Service, “Such Great Heights”

I love this song! The acoustic version is done by Iron & Wine on the Garden State soundtrack, but, this version is much, much different. With electronic beats and faster vocals, The Postal Service turns Iron & Wine’s lullaby into a dancehall jam.

Such Great Heights (play/download mp3)

Jake One, “The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali)”

Jake One is Seattle’s most important hip-hop export. His productions are a nod to hip-hop’s roots: sample based, drum heavy, funky and soulful. Jake’s only mistake was his timing — one thing no artist can control. If he was producing 20 years ago he would have reached “legendary” status by now. But his recordings are here forever, no matter how much industry fame he collects.

The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali) (play/download mp3)

Gore Gore Girls, “Casino”

Harnessing sheer rock power for the forces of good, the Gore Gore Girls strut their stuff with boldness and attitude, throwing down dirty grooves and instigating scenes of libertine abandon in nightclubs around the world – and it’s not just because they’re hot; although, their music is hot. “Casino” is off their latest album, Get To The Gore. Fans of Detroit’s never-dying garage rock scene will approve.

Casino (play/download mp3)

Candy Chang, “Greektown”

Is there anything that Candy Chang doesn’t do? Lets see…she’s a: public installation artist, graphic designer, urban planner, co-founder of a design house/record label, and she’s a musician. “Greektown” is taken from her album, Detroit, and each song is named after various Detroit locations. Detroit wishes it still bumped this hard.

Greektown (play/download mp3)

Forensics, “Boat Day At The Marina”

Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway is the debut full length from Virginia’s FORENSICS, who play a monolithic, mountainous brand of heavy guitar-driven rock. “Boat Day At The Marina” is designed to make you scowl and bang your head while beating on your steering wheel. Part hardcore, part math rock, part prog-metal, this group crafts songs with zero genre discrimination.

Boat Day At The Marina (play/download mp3)

dJ ArkAngel, “Get Up (Breaks Mix)”

dJ ArkAngel says, “I love music, all music, within every genre, influences me somehow.” This is what every young artist says, but “Get Up (Breaks Mix)” has a wide range of sounds from rock n’ roll, house, drum ‘n bass, and even trance. Fun, moving and well produced track.

dJ ArkAngel
“Get Up (Breaks Mix)” (download mp3)
from “Get Up – Single”
“Get Up (Breaks Mix)” (play)


Screaming Trees, “Ash Gray Sunday”

If you don’t love the Screaming Trees, your indie cred is revoked, because they really were an excellent band. This record, which is being released digitally today, is a lost treasure of 1990s Seattle rock. These recordings, made in Stone Gossard’s studio in the late 90’s, are now finally available for us to enjoy. “Ash Gray Sunday” is a free download, and it is the kind of beautiful angsty power pop you’d expect from these proto-grunge heroes.

Screaming Trees
“Ash Gray Sunday” (download mp3)
from “Last Words: The Final Recordings”
“Ash Gray Sunday” (play)
(Sunyata Records)

Tommy Guerrero, “Archaic Days”

Syncopated instrumental shimmering guitar boogie, anyone? Goes well with lemonade. Shiny summer music for a change of mind. Someone just threw a pie at Rupert Murdoch. That has nothing to do with this. Tommy Guerrero and friends, with “Archaic Days” – an unpolluted breeze of musical pleasantness.

Tommy Guerrero
“Archaic Days” (download mp3)
from “Year Of The Monkey”
“Archaic Days” (play)